Arkitip Provenance


A provenance is the origin or source from which something comes, and the history of subsequent owners. The term is often used in the sense of place and time of manufacture, production or discovery. Techniques, expert opinion, written and verbal records are often used to help establish provenance.

At Arkitip we believe in this process and would like to show how and where certain products we manufacture come from. The information provided will insure that the work is 100% authentic and direct from Arkitip. Through this process you will get a close up view as to how our products are made, packaged and prepared for market. Hopefully this will help to answer questions and allow you to better understand our offerings here online and in all of our worldwide dealer locations.

We feel that having this information at your disposal is important towards your purchase and investment into Arkitip editions.

Please watch this space as we will be uploading short films soon.