HIGHMATH, Berlin 2008

Presented in conjunction with Wood Wood

Featuring: Andrew Schoultz, Chris Lindig, Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, CR Stecyk III, Eric Elms, Gary Benzel, Geoff McFetridge, Jo Jackson, José Parlá, Josh Petherick, Kaws, Killpixie, Michael Leon, Kevin Lyons, Michael Perry, Parra, Phil Frost, Perks, Peter Beste, Peter Sutherland, Richard Colman, Ryan Waller, Shepard Fairey, Todd St. John & Steven Harrington.

  • 31st of January - 1st of March 2008
  • Pool Gallery
  • Tucholskystrasse 38
  • 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone +49 30 243 42 462
  • Opening 30th of January 2008
  • 5pm - 12am
  • Presentation of catalog, artwork installations
  • Selected artists will be in attendance

Arkitip is a limited-edition, hand-numbered art book for which excellence in production is of primary importance. The magazine publishes site-specific artworks at a low cost to make art available to collectors at all economic levels. The magazine;s founding principles are (1) support the arts, (2) promote freedom of expression, and (3) make art affordable and accessible.

Each issue is treated like a group gallery show, "curated" by founder Sas. Artists are given a specific number of pages to create whatever they wish. They are asked to create site-specific work for the magazine, which changes in size every year. This ensures that the work will be original thereby making it more valuable to the readers. For the Artist, making a contribution to Arkitip is like creating an installation that is distributed around the world. It's a traveling exhibition that art devotees can take home with them to look at again and again.

Gathering past, present and future contributors, Arkitip uses the aforementioned principles as a foundation to pull together a motley crew of diverse artists for a group show entitled HIGHMATH. The title fits as it explains the relationship between the artists, which is multifaceted. Consisting primarily of work on paper including silk screens, lithographs and hand-done originals. Artists will exhibit both existing and never before seen work.

For the first time ever Arkitip will hand over the design responsibilities for the issue edition to an outside source. That source being the design trio Wood Wood. Arkitip will also produce their 44th issue edition as the working catalog for the exhibition. The Danish design collective Wood Wood was founded in 2002 by Brian SS Jensen, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Magnus Carstensen. They initiated their business as a limited t-shirt label and opened their first small shop in central Copenhagen.

Since then, Wood Wood has spread throughout Europe and beyond with a considered brand approach that includes retail stores, biannual apparel lines for men and women and numerous collaboration projects often incorporating an international network of friends and likeminded creators.

Wood Wood embodies that laid back blend of underground and high-end way of thinking, hoping to surprise across the board with a distinct selection of styles. Over the last few years Wood Wood's illustrious graphic profile has established the design trio as a driving force on the European street couture scene.

This exhibition is made possible with generous support from Nike.

  • For further information, please contact:
  • Rike Doepp, press@woodwood.dk
  • Phone +49 30 280 99 039
Richard Coleman for Highmath Berlin
Steven Harrington for Highmath, Berlin
Peter Sutherland for Highmath, Berlin
Perks for Highmath, Berlin
Kevin Lyons for Highmath, Berlin
HIGHMATH, Berlin 2008